Bungee Trampoline 2 in 1

Bungee Trampoline 2 in 1


Product Description

Bungee Trampoline 2 in 1

Technical description


High: 7,44 m

Lenght: 12 m

Width: 5.75 m

The total weight is 550 kg.

Setting up by two workers takes about an 3.5 hours

The trampolines are 4 meter diameter and the high of the bungee is 7.4 meters.

The jumper can jump 7 meters or more high without any problem.

Trampoline Beds

The trampoline beds consist of a galvanised steel frame (won’t rust like some cheaper materials and won’t puncture as is possible with inflatable trampolines) with the UV resistant american spring mat being attached all the way round with elastics.

Around the galvanised steel frame is a padded cover to protect the jumpers’ feet. This is easily detachable if you want or can be easily folded away with the trampoline bed.

The whole base unit is galvanised steel (inside and out and well painted) so you needn’t worry about it rusting.

Two removable sections of checker-plate cover the base unit making it possible to walk on whilst concealing everything away neatly and safely inside.

Everything needed for asembling or operating the bungee we will send to you.

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High quality Bungee Cords.

We supply new units with elastic bungee rubber(as on the pictures), which we find to provide a superior bungee experience. The bungee rubber are made with high quality Later TUV certificated loops and give more than 300% expansion.

The unit is supplied with all you need to facilitate the basic operation and activities of the Bungee Trampolines:

Two trampolines,Two harnesses two sets of bungee ropes/rubber.

Extra harnesses and bungee ropes/rubber/elements or spare winches can be purchased at an additional cost. Please contact us for the latest price and availability for details and calculation for transport.

With more than 12 years Experience We are always here for you.

FREE Training and 24/7 Customer Support

You will receive an operators’ manual which will give instructions on how to assemble the bungee

Safety tips , Hints for Efficiency.

customer support over the telephone or via e-mail 24/7.


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