Our Company is established in 2001 in Bulgaria, Varna.
Bolkan Dolphin LTD has experience in Producing and selling huge fields of Amusements.
Our Team of professionals is taking the Creation of Amusement Projects as mission and We love bring joy to our customers and especially for the kids!

Using technologies and materials of high quality , Made in European Union , We are proud with our products
Providing the service and training , we are here for you to help and serve.
The best selling products are Bungee Trampoline Set 4 tramps , 2 trampolines and Single Bungee Trampoline Set
As well with Harness – comfortable and soft combined with Safety made in our Factory

The Elastic ropes are made with big coefficient of stretch factor more than 2.5 … 3 times and protection shield
All the sets comes Fully operational with all you to start working

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